2022 Seattle/Tacoma Wedding Trip

Submitted by dad on Sun, 07/03/2022 - 23:40


  • Leave Melbourne by about 4:30am on July 20th. Depart MCO at 7:20am.
  • Arrive Seattle at 10:30am
  • Leave Seattle at 9:40pm on July 26th
  • Seattle Airport Map

What to Pack:

  • Pack layers.  Be prepared for daytime temperatures in the 60's some days, in the 80's other days.
    • Have at least 3 layers in case we go to the mountain(s).
  • Nice wedding clothes.
  • We may go to the beach or kayaking.  The water will be cold (about 60 degrees).  Be prepared for however you want to dress for that.
  • TSA what you can bring Q&A.
  • A checked bag must have a linear dimensions sum of 62" or less (L+W+H), and be 50 lbs or less.  Alaska Air Baggage Policy.

Things to Do: